Sira y sus hermanas

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In January 2017, we rescued five sisters in the Azzurro Gulf after having travelled half of the African continent on a long journey away from their country. The names of the five girls were: Akassi, Sira, Assamala, Meliane and Yedei.

Unseparable and united by an invisible force, they escaped together with the help of their relatives. The five escaped from ablation, a practice that Akassi, the older sister, like many other teenagers in her country, suffered.

After seeing the suffering and pain that generated in Akassi, the younger sisters and her mother refused to go through the same process. With the help of their uncles, the five girls managed to escape the country and be safe.


  • Míriam Hatibi


  • Chantal Vizcaino


  • Editorial La Galera
  • ES - EAN 9788424673703 
  • CAT - EAN 9788424673680 
  • 48 pages


  • Hardcover


  • 21,0 x 21,0 cm


  • Spanish
  • Catalan
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