La canción de Josepha

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The night we saved Josepha, we sailed seven hours until we arrived where she was. We saw a half-boat sunk, we thought no one had survived. But suddenly, miraculously, a woman moved her hand. She was Josepha. She had been there for hours in the water. Of all her traveling companions, only she had survived.

During the days of sailing towards a safe port, Josepha told us her story and how her journey had been since leaving Cameroon. In her country, she was a teacher, and she dreamed of being a mother one day. But Josepha married a person who didn't want her and hurt her, so she had to flee her country.


  • Lolita Bosch


  • Chantal Vizcaino


  • Editorial La Galera
  • ES - EAN 9788424673697
  • CAT - EAN 9788424673673
  • 48 pages


  • Hardcover


  • 21,0 x 21,0 cm


  • Spanish
  • Catalan
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