Graffiti Spray OpenArms and Montana Colors Limited Edition

15.00 € IVA incluido

Limited Edition MTN by Montana Colors in Support of Open Arms

Discover the exclusive Limited Edition MTN, a unique creation by Montana Colors, designed to support the humanitarian mission of Open Arms. This special edition is not just a high-quality product but a symbol of solidarity and hope.

Unique Features:

Inspirational Design: Each spray can is adorned with a captivating image by the renowned photographer Santi Palacios, reflecting the brave spirit of those seeking a better future.

Montana Colors Quality: Known for its excellence, Montana Colors guarantees a product of the highest quality, perfect for artists and enthusiasts.

Significant Contribution:

Direct Support to Open Arms: By purchasing this limited edition spray, you are directly contributing to the work of Open Arms. All profits from this sale will be donated to our organization, helping to fund humanitarian actions at sea and support our rescue operations in the Mediterranean.

More Than a Product: This limited edition represents our joint commitment to social justice and human rights defense. It's a tribute to the resilience and courage of those facing unimaginable challenges to find safety and peace.

Join Us in This Mission!

Every purchase is a step towards a better future for those in need. Acquire your Limited Edition MTN from Montana Colors on our e-commerce and be part of this movement of hope and solidarity.

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